Let’s Build

Your Subscription Business.

Increase Revenue

Reach to thousands of encyclofoodia executive meal customers, and let them subscribe to your exiting menu

Prevent Leaks

Use our technology to manage your subscription business and never miss the renewals, payments etc.


Build a steady cashflow using Encyclofoodia FREE platform by partnering as a meal provider.

Market for Free!

We invest in marketing our partners brands through social platform and through campaigns


Get Bulk Orders

When a customer on Encyclofoodia places an order, you get a recurring order for whole month!

200+ Partners in Dubai

We have Story About our Empowered Restaurants

Encyclofoodia generated AED 3.2M in sales in 4 months!

It took us couple of days to get around the idea of Encyclofoodia. When we realised that its brand new, less travelled path, we just jumped in. Today we serve 190+ meals through encyclofoodia, Every day!.

Offer Flexibility, get loyal customers

Let them Pause, and renew seamlessly!

Encyclofoodia platform takes care of the renewals, payment collections.

Mr. Spaceman

Hey Encyclofoodia, pause my subscription for 3 months please??

Testimonials & Reviews

Some Love From Clients

Tony Mamplal

Manager, Taste of Kerala

Encyclofoodia convinced us to start a subscription business, and I am glad that we did. We just used our existing menu to quickly setup a weekly meal plan, and today we serve 190 meals every day.”

Sachin Dule

Director, The Meal Club LLC

“When EF approached us, I was skeptical about selling our premium meal on a subscription basis. But to my surprise, we started receiving orders from second day of going live, and we have a great journey so far!”


Owner, Daily Meals & Tummy Tales

“We started with EF as an experiment. Our target customers were same. We have a good inflow of corporate customers, who are loyal. We have no hassle payments through EF. Kudos!”